Transition Planning for Post Secondary Success

Successful transition plans for a student who intends to pursue a post-secondary education are comprehensive and include the student understanding his or her rights and responsibilities. They also include strategies for accessing the evaluations, tools, and accommodations necessary to perform at that level.

Students with an IEP who are 14 or older should have a statement in their IEP identifying their post-secondary goals through stated courses of study. For a student planning to attend college, the transition statement should state such and needs to include a student’s strengths and interests, as per N.J.A.C. 6a:14-3.7 (e)(11). This should be a clear and concise statement of what the student wants to do after school. A strong transition plan outlines the steps students will have to take to reach their goal.

For more information on how Advancing Opportunities can assist in formulating an outcome-based transition plan, contact  or call us toll-free at 888-322-1918 .

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