Below is a list of links to sites full of information to help students with disabilities make a successful transition to post-secondary education. The links will open in new tabs. Click on a topic to skip quickly to its links.

Friends of Quinn
An online community offering support and information for young adults with learning differences

I’m Determined
This Web site offers high school students information on how they can participate in transition-planning activities.

Learn How to Become
This U.S. Department of Labor Web site helps high school students explore career paths.

National Youth Leadership Network
Enables students to connect and support one another.
This site provides rankings of the most affordable colleges online, including bachelors and masters degrees.

Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN)
This advocacy group offers news and workshops for parents of children with disabilities.

Parents Education Network
PEN is a forum for parents to collaborate with educators, students, and the community to empower ensure students with learning and attention differences success in school and in life.

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities
This positive site contains a wealth of resources for parents of children with learning disabilities and ADHD, including preparing for IEP meetings and transition planning.

Understood: For Learning and Attention Issues
This excellent Web site has user-friendly for parents to help them understand their children’s learning disability and connect with other parents.

Special Education Guide
A comprehensive site that includes relevant content from experienced special education professionals, a Response to Intervention Guide, profiles of disabilities covered under IDEA and a state-by-state guide to teacher certification and master’s degree programs.

Learning Disabilities
LD Online
This informative Web page is a public service of the WETA Learning Disabilities Project.

Learning Disabilities Association of America
This organization provides parents and educators with information on learning disabilities, both the condition and advocacy.

National Center for Learning Disabilities
Offers parents and educators resources on learning disabilities, including resources on advocacy.

International Dyslexia Association
IDA is a professional association that concerns itself with the many issues of dyslexia. For parents, the organization has recently published a handbook.

Learning Disabilities Association of New Jersey
This organization is a state affiliate of the LDA, staffed by volunteers dedicated to providing information, support, and advocacy for children and adults with learning disabilities.

Transition Planning
National Center on Secondary Education and Transition
NCSET coordinates national resources, offers technical assistance, and disseminates information on secondary education and transition for students with disabilities.

National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center
Although this site is geared primarily toward professionals, it features a detailed listing of transition information for parents and students.

State of New Jersey, Department of Education
Resources from the Office of Special Education, Transition Planning for creating a successful transition plan.

Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology Center
The Assistive Technology Center helps people with disabilities, their families, teachers, and employers identify and learn to use the technology that will be most effective in meeting their goals.

Assistive Technology Center’s YouTube Channel
Visit to see examples of assistive technology in action. The channel features videos produced by Advancing Opportunities’ Assistive Technology Services Department and videos on a wide variety of topics arranged by category.

Assistive Technology Advocacy Center
Disability Rights New Jersey assists people with disabilities in New Jersey in finding assistive technology devices to enable them to perform everyday tasks independently.

An Accessible Online Library for people with print disabilities

This important resource lists more than 40,000 AT products, with information.

Job Accommodation Network
This Web site and organization answers questions about workplace accommodations under ADA.

Career Resources for Americans with Disabilities
This page provides information about public policy, employer compliance, and issues facing disabled individuals in the workforce. There are plenty of helpful tools for families, employers, and caregivers.

Wrightslaw provides parents with accurate and reliable information on the legal aspects of ensuring their children receive all services to which they are entitled under state and federal law. This section is specific to transition planning.

Know the Law
The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
This the portal for official U.S. government information regarding the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the foundation of all special-education legislation.

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