College Coaching Services

The Student Success Center provides a wide range of services for students with disabilities who are planning to enroll or who are enrolled in post-secondary educational programs.  Our College Coaches, a team of highly trained, carefully vetted professionals, are ready to provide one-to-one direct services on campuses all across New Jersey in the following areas:

  • Academic Support From providing special educational advocacy for parents on IEPs and transition planning to working with students on campus, academic supports are comprehensive. College Coaches may act as liaisons with college faculty or assist in researching funding options or other resources for support.
  • Independent Living Skills and Accommodations College Coaches can provide training on the skills associated with independent daily living, including: budgeting, home living responsibilities, culinary education, transportation assessment and travel training, recreation and leisure balance and guidance.
  • Socialization Skills  College Coaches can help students build their network of natural supports through social mentoring. Coaches can teach relationship development skills, and leadership skills for self-advocacy and communication.
  • Technology  We can introduce students to the assistive technology devices and tools for reading, writing and computer access. The agency can provide evaluations and training. Students will be able to borrow devices through the Technology Lending Center.
  • Mentoring College Coaches are trained peer mentors who can help students realize academic and career success.
  • Employment Services and Career Skills Training College Coaches can help students research and find internship opportunities. They are available for job coaching, employment assessments and portfolio development.

Advancing Opportunities’ expert staff can inform students and parents about available funding resources and guide them through the eligibility and application processes.

For more information about Advancing Opportunities’ College Coaching services or the Student Success Center, please us at 609-882-4182 or via email at

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